Inserting Features and Rows

Recently I was inserting features in a feature class but my code was rather slow so I looked around for another method and the following is what I found.

First you need to start an edit session and then you can use the code below. This is just a short body of code to give you an idea on how to use the different objects.

IFeatureCursor insertFeatCursor = outputFeatClass.Insert(true);

foreach (object featureToInsert in featuresToInsert)
    IFeatureBuffer outputFeatBuffer = outputFeatClass.CreateFeatureBuffer();
    // set the shape
    outputFeatBuffer.Shape = ...
    // set the different values
    outputFeatBuffer.set_Value(fieldIndex, value);
    // insert the feature buffer

If you now save and close your edit session the features are inserted. The code for inserting rows in a table is very similar.

ITable table;
ICursor insertCursor = table.Insert(true);
IRowBuffer rowBuffer = table.CreateRowBuffer();
rowBuffer.set_Value(fieldIndex, value);

If you have any comments or questions, let me know !!!

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