Using NetworkX with Jython

Just a quick note to let you know that the Python graph library NetworkX (version 1.1), which by the way is really good, can be ported to Jython with some minor modifications. Sadly enough you loose some performance in the process.

The two changes I made to get it running where :

  • Because numpy doesn't exist for Jython you can't use the current_flow_closeness_centrality function in I moved the import numpy as np statement at the top to the _compute_C function at the bottom.
  • In the file under generators I commented from atlas import * out.

In the following weeks I will try to port a small subset off NetworkX to Java or Scala. Hopefully I'll be able to outperform the Jython and CPython version.

Arithmetic, Population, and Energy.

Just watched Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's presentation on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy." on youtube. It's really good and entertaining. It's in 8 parts and I encourage you to watch them all.

The url of part 1 is :