Marine SPEcies with Environment Dataset (MarineSPEED) is a benchmark dataset for species distribution modelling (SDM). It's main aim is to enable reproducible and comparable SDM research.

I've done two poster presentations about it:

  1. Introducing the dataset, presented at the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2016
  2. Using it to study predictor selection, presented at the International Statistical Ecology Conference 2016
For more information take a look at, the R package on GitHub or send me an e-mail.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

thanks, looks like nice Open Access work that pushes some envelopes;
as it should.

I like such work, but also wonder about standards and how done, and
how it can be ?
Happy to follow up more, but arguably, most of the science community
is not there yet, and likely never will (next 10 years at least).
Nor is there a reward really for such work, as we have seen and experienced
last 30 years on this issue throughout (just see the International Polar Year, or Freedom of Information Acts etc.

Arguably, if taken serious, such work can lead into the Nirvana of many
management and conservation policies. So the truth will be exposed...
wish us luck to get there.

Keep me posted please as needed; best
Falk Huettmann