Until recently when you wanted to test small snippets of C# code you had to create a small console application or use the immediate window while debugging or use something like LinqPad.

But a few weeks ago Microsoft finally announced a solution for this called Roslyn. The goal of Roslyn is to provide an API for the compiler. This is still just a CTP but it is very promising. One of the features of Roslyn is an interactive window for C# also called a REPL (read eval print loop). Note that some C# features like Linq query expressions, events and the dynamic and async keywords have not been implemented yet. More information on the Roslyn CTP can be found here Introducing the Roslyn CTP and here http://msdn.com/roslyn.

Tip of the day:
When you want to reevaluate or edit a previous entry then use ALT+Up and ALT+Down.

Bonus tip:
You might also wanna try out Jash. This is a javascript shell that can be opened on any website with a bookmarklet. It features some code completion and is very practical for trying out things you`re unsure about.


Mathew Walker said...

After setting up of Roslyn CTP, I found that ctrl-enter was not working in regular text editor. This is not a problem that just I am facing but my friends are facing the same problem too. I think they should do some improvements over this.

Angus Halse said...

Hello buddy thanks for provide a great information i really appreciate your work and this post will really help me a lot. Thanks again